Healthy New Zealand Greenshell Mussels

Greenshell Mussels are one of those foods that are just good for you ~ low in calories and fat, and high in protein and iron.  They are fresh frozen so have no MSG or other chemical additives.  They have a unique flavour and can be used in a variety of ways ~ not just as an appetizer.  A world class eco-friendly seafood.

Greenshell Mussels

As the title of this article suggests our preferred mussel is the Greenshell Mussel (perna canaliculus) and I don’t believe it can be grown in our coastal B.C. Waters perhaps because the waters are colder here than New Zealand.  There are Blue Mussels and a Meditteranean Mussel grown in B.C. but the major shell fish grown and harvested here are clams and scallops.

We were pleasantly surprised to find Greenshell Kiwi Mussels (raw, frozen) for sale at our local grocery store.  Notwithstanding the carbon footprint left by transporting mussels from New Zealand to Canada they are deliciously sweet and a special treat for us.

Mussels can be enjoyed with very little preparation. They are great on a BBQ, in a salad, a soup, or in seafood pasta sauce, but we love them simply cooked for ten minutes in boiling water and served up in the shell with a little garlic butter for dipping along with fresh baked bread.  A garnish of chopped parsley is always great. For the adventurous cook there are lots of amazing mussel recipes online.

Greenshell Mussels and butter
Greenshell Mussels and butter

Extra Notes

  • All shellfish should be cooked according to instructions although New Zealand mussels are grown in some of the cleanest ocean waters on the globe
  • New Zealand has strict standards by the NZ Government on quality and hygiene for mussel farmers
  • As a child there was an abundance of mussels at the family beach cabin in Australia, and I recall the fun we had when Dad brought home a potato sack of fresh raw mussels; the “rellies” came over and Mum would cook pot after pot of live mussels. Any leftovers were put into jars with half vinegar and water from the cooking.  Very happy childhood  memories.

Links and References

New Zealand Farmed Mussels
New Zealand Farmed Mussels

Nutritional Information

Frozen New Zealand Greenshell Mussels (in part)

  • Per 100 gram
  • Calorie 790
  • Fat 1.9 g
  • Cholesterol 42 mg
  • Carbohydrate 23 g
  • Sodium 300 mg
  • Protein 12 g
  • Also includes Omega 6, Omega 3, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron